About Us

Adventures Unlimited Books is America’s most unique bookstore.

Adventures Unlimited Books is a full service general bookstore. That means we carry every kind of book from best sellers and all types of fiction, to children’s books (a huge selection), regional books on Native American and Western history, guide books for birds, animals, and plants of the area, dictionaries and other reference books, history and politics, cook books and more categories.

A full service store means we special order books (including ones that are hard to find) at no extra cost.

Most full service book stores do this, so….

What makes us truly unique?

First, we are the only bookstore in the country that carries all the books published and distributed by Adventures Unlimited Press (AUP) This company publishes books (and also distributes books by other publishers) on ancient history, alternative science (e.g. Tesla, zero point energy, etc.) UFO’s and alternative health. All AUP books can also be purchased online.

People interested in AUP subjects probably also like to watch TV’s History and A&E channels and may have seen the new series “Ancient Aliens”. If so, they’ll be familiar with the AUP publisher and author David Hatcher Childress who is frequently on that show, as well as a frequent guest on some late night talk radio shows. The reason we carry all his books and DVDs is because David Childress is my son and our store has a very special arrangement with his publishing company.

Our second unique factor is that Adventures Unlimited Books carries 1000’s of SALE books! We pride ourselves on the variety of bargain books we offer. Books on every subject are priced at a third to a quarter of the publisher’s price. We have two walls covered with gorgeous children’s books, beautifully illustrated, originally priced at $16 or $17, now available through Adventures Unlimited Books & Gifts for $3.98 and $4.98! Books for kids range in age from 6 months to 16 years.

We also have craft books on knitting, crocheting, sewing, jewelry making, and more all available at a very low prices. Other sale books are on art, antiques, gardening, home design, history, science and nature, reference, and more. Check out our gorgeous coffee table books on sale as well.

Dover Publications

Unlike most general bookstores we offer a whole range of Dover books – particularly low priced activity books and fantastic coloring books, along with a range of Dover’s thrift books of classics — everything from poetry, classic fiction, plays by Shakespeare and books on history and philosophy — all priced from $1.50 to $3.00.

Unique Gifts and Sidelines

Because David Childress and his wife travel widely abroad to exotic places, we carry a wide assortment of inexpensive and unusual gifts from Peru, Nepal and other lands. Chess sets, purses, prayer flags, jewelry and too many other items to list.


We also have a full range of jigsaw puzzles for children and adults, and we carry budget priced CD’s of golden oldies and classical music. Duckies, toys, and sale DVDs are a few of the other, unusual surprises you’ll find.