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Beautiful signed prints of the region by renowned artist Carl Dalio are offered through Adventures Unlimited Books and Gifts.

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First Plein Air Legacy Event at Tlaquepaque (Palet 2016) in Sedona, AZ.

Ten creative artists spent the 3-day weekend painting their impressions of this wonderful location!
Renowned artist Curt Walters, was the judge & selected Carl Dalio’s  “Lizard Head Rock – Sedona” for the Best Seasonal Legacy Award. Distinguished Art Professor Gray Sweeney, accompanied by his artist wife Glenda Folk selected two of Carl Dalio’s  plein air paintings for the Best Weekend Legacy Award at PALET 2016.

“Lizard Head Rock”

Lizard Head Rock-Carl Dalio


“A Beautiful Morning at Tlaquepaque”

A Beautiful Morning at Tlaquepaque-Carl Dalio




Carl Dalio Print Titled Thunder In Sedona  “Thunder in Sedona”

This remarkable print from a Carl Dalio original oil painting, depicts a view in Fay Canyon, just northeast of Sedona. This plein air painting, one of several paintings created for the Sedona Plein Air Festival 2013, captures the power of rugged Arizona red rock country.

Carl describes his experience in the canyon the day he painted the image: “As I hiked into the canyon, this magnificent rock formation soon came in to view and I quickly set up my easel on a slope above the canyon trees. I was truly captivated by the stunning peacefulness of the canyon environment. High above me, circled a collection of ravens having their familiar conversations in the morning air. Like the hull of a mighty ship riding an ocean of red and green…solid rock, color, and light emerged as thunder solidified.”

Print By Carl Dalio Titled Sedona Afternoon Snoopy Rock“Above Sedona – Snoopy Rock”

This print from an original oil painting by Carl Dalio, depicts a recognizable rock formation (along with Snoopy Rock) towering over Uptown Sedona. Snoopy can be seen lying on his back in the lower right hand portion of the painting. This view was painted on location (plein air) on the first day of the 2013 Sedona Plein Air Festival.

About Carl Dalio

International artist Carl Dalio, a resident of Sedona, is a master of bold color and dynamic design. With abundant experience as a successful artist, illustrator and juror, he continues to honor essential concepts of beauty, design, imagination, passion and simplicity.

To view the gallery of Carl Dalio paintings and prints visit www.carldalio.com.

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