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 Adventures Unlimited Books always carries a wide selection of arts and crafts books – at unbelievable prices! This is just a sampling of the type of books we keep on the shelves!

Amulets and TalismansAmulets and Talismans
by Robert Dancik
Originally: $24.99   Sale: $6.98

Making Jewelry with Meaning. The things you collect – the ticket stubs, the coins, the pieces of shell from a beach – hold meaning and significance, reminding you not only where you’ve been, but also where you’re capable of going. Making these items into wearable pieces of art – amplifying their power to become amulets and talismans – is a rewarding experience that’s easy to do. Working with the most basic of tools, you will learn cold-connection jewelry techniques to expand your creative process. In addition to basics like creating jump rings and using a file, you will also: Make your own hook and latch clasps, Cut windows from sheets of metal, Inlay designs into polymer clay, Incorporate concrete into your work, Achieve patinas with heat, Journal your thoughts onto faux bone, Turn paper pulp into realistic rocks,Create “time capsule” beads from Plexiglas, And much, much more!

Boho Chic JewelryBoho Chic Jewelry
by Laura Beth Love
Originally: $24.99   Sale: $5.98

Everything old is new again. Combine pieces of the past with today’s jewelry-making techniques and your own unique touches as you create 25 stylish, ready-to-wear projects. In Boho Chic Jewelry, remnants of treasured keepsakes or any pretty item you like–patterned china, etched glass, delicate lace, even an ornate spoon handle–evolve into one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Vintage and modern have never met so beautifully, so personally, in a way that better suits the wearer. Make the things you love into jewelry you will love forever!



Pure Silver Metal Clay BeadsPure Silver Metal Clay Beads
by Linda Kaye-Moses
Originally: $24.99   Sale: $6.98

Precious metal clay (PMC) is an innovative material that combines the workability of clay with the beautiful finish and durability of precious metals. The material is easy to manipulate and shape by hand to make beads for bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry. This book contains fifteen projects for creating fine silver beads and a design gallery of 25 additional jewelry pieces. Intro chapters include information about tools and techniques. Projects are organized workshop-style, to build skills cumulatively.


How to make silver charms from metal clayHow to Make Silver Charms from Metal Clay
by Sue Heaser
Originally: $21.99 Sale: $6.98
Now it’s possible to create beautiful one-of-a-kind silver charms without the extensive cost– and no silver-smithing skills needed! In How to Make Silver Charms from Metal Clay, internationally renowned artist, author and polymer clay specialist Sue Heaser shows readers how to create intricate silver charms–from keys and padlocks to fairies and animals– using metal clay. Offers a well-rounded overview of this simple (yet seemingly magical) process that includes: Step-by-step instructions for 50 beautiful projects, An overview of the necessary tools and materials, Guidance for essential skills like molding, finishing and firing, Design methods for beginners as well as more experienced sculptors, Ideas for creating your own signature pieces, This inspirational book is sure to be a favorite among hobbyists and jewelry makers who are looking for new ways to expand their craft. Includes more than 400 full-color illustrations.

Sew SerendipitySew Serendipity
by Kay Whitt
Originally: $27.99   Sale: $7.98

Kay Whitt of Serendipity Studios proves that all you need to re-make your wardrobe are a few key things: Great fabric, easy-to-make patterns, a handful of simple skills, and your own personal sense of style! Use Sew Serendipity to create a fresh, new look.

  • Included in the book are tissue pattern inserts for the skirt, tunic/dress and jacket–each with 6 variations detailed in the book. 3 basic patterns x 6 variations = 18 ways to show off your skills and style!
  • Kay provides the master instructions for each basic garment, and individual instruction for each unique look. Once you master the basics, changing it up is a snap!
  • Each clothing pattern is graded in seven sizes (bust: 32-44; waist: 24-36; hips: 34-46) from XXS to XXL. Use the “Custom Fitting” section of this book to learn how to measure yourself and adjust the patterns to get the best possible fit!
  • Embellish your designs to match your style, whether you’re feeling the need for classic, tailored elegance, or you’re in the mood for a little ruffled whimsy. Kay’s simple embellishments make it a breeze to adapt your design to the look you want.

With Sew Serendipity, you’ll find out how to lay out the pattern pieces, cut them out and sew them up. All you have to do is put them on and strut your stuff!

Bend the Rules with FabricBend the Rules with Fabric
by Amy Karol
Originally: $21.95   Sale: $3.98

You’ve bent all the rules with sewing, so now what? It’s high time you made your own fashions even more you with Amy Karol’s next craft revolution: Bend the Rules with Fabric.

Using simple, high-impact techniques:
• painting
• stamping
• dyeing
• silk screening
• photo transfer

You’ll learn everything you need to know to turn a plain piece of fabric or a garment into the perfect showcase for your personality.

In this follow-up to the wildly popular Bend-the-Rules Sewing you will see how easy it is to alter fabric, making and using your own custom stamps; make stencils that will totally transform totes and tees; rescue tired clothes with a new dye job; and use appliqués to spruce up anything that needs a little TLC. With Amy’s familiar, friendly tone and valuable advice, you’ll see every piece of fabric as blank canvas for your artistic vision!


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