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Better Homes and Gardens Garden Fresh MealsBetter Homes & Gardens Garden Fresh Meals
Originally: $19.95  Sale:$6.98

Make every meal a fresh and flavorful delight! Garden Fresh Meals from Better Homes and Gardens offers delicious recipes that make the most of your seasonal bounty—from light summer salads to comforting autumn soups to hearty winter roasts. With a broad range of innovative, great-tasting, and easy-to-prepare meals, this gorgeous cookbook offers something for everyone in the family to savor. Plus, helpful cooking tips are peppered throughout the book, including plenty of advice on choosing and preparing the best and freshest ingredients.
• Cook your way through the year with more than 150 recipes organized by cooking method, offering a simple way to find a recipe that matches your mood
• Find inspirations in stunning full-color photographs throughout
• Get informed with a seasonal produce guide filled with information on what’s in season when, how to select the ingredients at their peak, and storage and prep tips.

Sunset Edible Garden CookbookSunset Edible Garden Cookbook
By Pam Hoenig
Originally: $24.95         Sale: $10.98

With the movement toward healthier and “greener” living, it’s no wonder that eating and growing fresh produce has gained such popularity.
While the West Coast may have started the edible garden craze, the rest of the nation is quickly catching on to this delicious and nutritionally
beneficial trend that allows for the joy of growing fresh edibles.
Here to help gardeners enjoy a healthier lifestyle is Sunset Edible Garden Cookbook with detailed gardening advice and over 150 recipes using luscious homegrown fruits and vegetables.This cookbook combines Sunset’s fast recipes with practical gardening tips that will garner beautiful, delicious produce year after year from coast-to coast. Sunset has inspired millions of readers to partake in food that is not only great tasting but also intrinsically healthy. Thus, with this amazing follow-up to the Western Garden Book of Edibles, Sunset shows step by step how to cultivate a garden, celebrate the season’s bounty, and enjoy healthy recipes using garden-fresh produce at the dinner table.

By Sarina Jacobson
Originally: $14.95        Sale: $4.98

Hummus, Nuts, and Olives started off this beautifully photographed cookbook series. Now, it’s time for Yogurt to show off its incredible versatility, with 70 delicious recipes. Whip yourself up a batch of Tomato and Basil Dip, Thai-Style Grilled Beef Salad, or Baked Salmon with Mint Sauce and you will quickly see what a difference yogurt makes. Cool down with a Banana, Honey, and Almond Smoothie or a Mango Lassi. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Ginger Cheesecake and Apples and Spice Yogurt. The possibilities are endless! You’ll even learn about the nutritional benefits and how to make it from scratch, too.


Daily TortillaDaily Tortilla
By Ricardo James
Originally: $18.99         Sale: $6.98

Sopes, Tamales, Pozole, Huevos Rancheros — you’ve never had Mexican food like this! Daily Tortilla starts with the basics of tortillas, beans, rice, and salsas, and then builds to an incredibly delicious repertoire of dishes found in any family dining room in Mexico. Say adios to Americanized Mexican food — this is authentic, south-of-the-border flavor at its finest!




Big Book of Easy Baking with Refrigerated DoughPillsbury-The Big Book of Easy Baking with refrigerated dough
Originally: $19.99         Sale: $6.98

200 creative and delicious recipes, from main dishes to sweet treats, all made super easy with ready-to-use dough. There’s a simple secret any home baker can tap to enjoy the aroma of fabulous fresh baking in the kitchen without spending a lot of time and effort. With Pillsbury refrigerated dough, the hard part of baking is already done for you, making it possible to whip up rave-worthy appetizers, entrees, snacks, and desserts with minimal fuss. The creative recipes in this bountiful collection use ready-made pizza dough, biscuits, pie crusts, and cookie dough that convert magically to irresistible treats like Rustic Chicken Pot Pie, Gouda and Pear Pizza, Crunchy Monkey Bars, and even Jelly Doughnuts. Bakers will delight in the versatility of these 200 recipes and 100 gorgeous photos, and those who want to bake gluten-free will find recipes using the new gluten-free doughs.

Cheese and Dairy made at homeCheese & Dairy- Made at Home
Originally: $19.95         Sale: $5.98

How to create fresh and delicious dairy products in the home kitchen. Cheese and Dairy has six sections, beginning with guidance on how to set up a dairy in a home kitchen for cooking, airing, drying, and aging, the equipment needed, and using starter cultures.Presented in a simple format with clear pictures and non-technical instructions, the Made At Home series is the ideal starting point for anyone looking to take control of their food in both quality and taste.




Complete Hombrew Beer BookThe Complete Homebrew Beer Book
By George Hummel
Originally: $24.95         Sale: $9.98

Using Hummel’s easy-to-follow instructions and thorough analysis of the flavor components of beer, a novice homebrewer can design recipes and make beers to suit any taste or craving. Knowing exactly what’s in a beer has additional benefits — homebrewers can easily avoid the chemical additives traditionally found in mass-produced commercial beers. As an added bonus, the recipes are categorized according to their degree of difficulty, so new brewers can find the recipes that match their comfort level and then easily progress onto new skills. There is also a comprehensive glossary that virtually guarantees readers will find answers to every question about ingredients and equipment. Packed with practical advice and effectively designed, The Complete Homebrew Beer Book is like having a personal brewmaster overseeing and guiding each creation.

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